I am an assistant teaching professor in the math department at Miami University. I have a BA from UC Berkeley (2005) and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin (2013). Before joining Miami University in Fall 2017, I was a postdoc at the University of North Texas.

I am a mathematical logician. My research interests include descriptive set theory, computability theory and topological groups.

My brother Achilles Beros is a fellow logician as well as a photographer.
Office:  240 Bachelor Hall
Office hours:  TuTh 4-6 pm
  and by appointment
Email:  berosk@miamioh.edu
This term (spring 2020), I am teaching MTH 251 (calculus II). Further information is available on the Canvas page for the course.

Past teaching at Miami:
Fall 2019: precalculus (MTH 125), calculus I (MTH 151)
Summer 2019: calculus II (MTH 251) online
Spring 2019: precalculus (MTH 104), linear algebra (MTH 222)
Fall 2018: precalculus (MTH 104)
Spring 2018: linear algebra (MTH 222)
Fall 2017: calculus I (MTH 151)

Past teaching at UNT:
Spring 2017: calculus I, vector calculus
Fall 2016: calculus I
Summer 2016: calculus I and II
Spring 2016: calculus II
Fall 2015: calculus I
Spring 2015: graduate set theory
Fall 2014: real analysis
Spring 2014: linear algebra
Fall 2013: calculus II
Research papers
K. Beros and P. Larson
K. Beros and P. Larson
(submitted for publication)
A. Beros, K. Beros, D. Flores, U. Gaffar, D. Webb and J. Yoon
(submitted for publication)
A. Beros and K. Beros
(Archive for Mathematical Logic, vol. 57, no. 7-8, pp. 795-807, 2018)
K. Beros
(submitted for publication)
A. Beros and K. Beros
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K. Beros
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K. Beros
(Journal of Symbolic Logic, vol. 79, no. 4, pp. 1148-1183, 2014)
K. Beros
Slides from talks
(October 20, 2018)
2018 AMS Central Sectional Meeting
(March 4, 2017)
2017 South Eastern Logic Symposium
(February 24, 2017)
UNT Logic and Dynamics seminar
(May 25, 2016)
2016 ASL North American Meeting