Ursinus 2009


GAA: 1.09 GpG: 6.78 MoV: 5.69

NCAA Semifinals

The 2009 Bears opened up with a 12-0 win, but a pair of losses bookmarked a pair of wins to put Ursinus at 3-2 after five games. The loss to Salisbury ignited a 17-game winning streak in which the Bears posted a four-goal margin or greater in each of the contests, outscoring their opponents by an aggregate score of 128-12. At one point, Ursinus put up 28 straight goals. In the NCAA tournament as the four seed, the Bears won their first two games by a combined 9-1 score before falling 4-3 to top-ranked Messiah in the NCAA semifinal. The scoring average of 6.78 still ranks as the top scoring offense in NCAA history and the 2009 Bears were the first team to pass the 150-goal mark for a season. Their 156-25 scoring margin for the year is the second-highest mark in NCAA Division III history. Lindsay Doutt, Megan Yoder, Michelle Winner, and Alyssa Thren earned All-American honors.

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