Trenton State 1995


GAA: .20 GpG: 4.05 MoV: 3.80

NCAA Champions

The 1995 Lions did not trail for one second in 1995, winning 20 consecutive games. They opened the season with an eight-game shutout streak in which they scored 43 goals. A goal 5:15 into their ninth game broke the run, but they simply answered with another run, this one of 21 consecutive goals over four games. Five more clean sheets ensued, taking the Lions into the second round of the NCAA tournament where they defeated Williams, the only other undefeated team in the nation. Wins over Eastern Mennonite and Messiah gave the Lions the crown. Behind All-Americans Jennifer Cortese, Kathy McNulty, Melanie Vasofski, and Lauren Mistretta, TSC’s GAA of .20 is the second-lowest GAA in NCAA Division III history.

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