Trenton State 1994


GAA: .40 GpG: 4.65 MoV: 4.25

NCAA Runners-Up

The 1994 Lions started off with a four-game swing, outscoring opponents 20-1, in which All-American Jennifer Cortese had 12 scores of her own. The hot streak continued, reaching a margin of 92-5 over the first 19 games of the season that took TSC to the national championship. The Lions notched 13 shutouts on the year, including a stretch of seven straight. In the championship, TSC surrendered two goals in a game for the first time since the first game of 1993 and fell to Cortland 2-1, a team they had defeated 1-0 weeks earlier. Robin Selbst, Sharon Ruppe, and Melanie Vasofski joined Cortese on the All-American list.

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