Rowan 2000


GAA: .68 GpG: 3.43 MoV: 2.75

NCAA Semifinals

The 2000 Profs opened with a five-game winning streak, outscoring opponents 19-3 in that stretch. An overtime loss to Division II East Stroudsburg stopped the run, but Rowan answered with three shutouts in their next four games, a run that included a 3-2 victory over TCNJ. Six more wins followed to give the Profs a 15-1 record in the regular season that included four wins over NCAA-bound teams and no losses to any Division III team. Seeded second, Rowan shut out both opponents in the regional at home to advance to the semifinals. A loss to Springfield ended the Profs’ season. Kelly Englebart, Moriah Holmstrom, and Abby Singley earned All-American honors.

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