Middlebury 2015


GAA: .73 GpG: 4.00 MoV: 3.27

NCAA Champions

The 2015 Panthers posted two shutouts in their first four games of the season, starting off 4-0. A 2-1 loss at Bowdoin launched a 12-game winning streak. In the middle of that run they posted five consecutive shutouts before a 4-1 win over Williams closed out the regular season. Two more wins in the NESCAC tournament put Midd in the NESCAC final against Bowdoin where the Polar Bears won their second consecutive game over Midd. In the NCAA tournament, the Panthers shut out Franklin & Marshall and William Smith at William Smith and advanced to the semifinals. There, Midd defeated TCNJ 4-1 before getting the best of Bowdoin in their third matchup of the season, beating the Polar Bears 1-0. Bridget Instrum, Shannon Hutteman, Lauren Berestecky and Pam Schulman all earned All-American honors.

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