Messiah 1984


GAA: .19 GpG: 2.86 MoV: 2.67

NCAA Runners-Up

The 1984 Falcons burst out of the gates with six consecutive shutouts, outscoring their opponents 16-0. After Eastern Mennonite scored a goal in a 3-1 triumph for the Falcons, Messiah won its next seven games by shutout to end the regular season undefeated at 14-0. Three more shutouts in the MAC tournament moved the streak to 10 consecutive, and Messiah entered the NCAA as the #4 seed. The Falcons notched three more shutouts and moved their streak to 13 consecutive and a berth in the NCAA finals. Messiah pushed the streak to 40 consecutive goals and a run of 950:07 but a loss to undefeated Bloomsburg in the finals ended the run. Despite the setback, Messiah set the record for season GAA (.19), consecutive shutouts (13), and shutout streak (950:07); all records that still stand today. Kim Leppo, Jennifer Terranova, and Annette Mullen were all named All-Americans.

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