Gettysburg 1980


GAA: .98 GpG: 1.96 MoV: .98

AIAW Champions

The 1980 Bullets split the opening weekend, but then kept five consecutive opponents off the scoreboard, to move to 5-1-1. A win over Shippensburg, the reigning national champion, was followed by a three-game losing streak. That would be the last time Gettysburg faced defeated as they embarked on a ten-game run that culminated in the first-ever national title for a women’s team at the school. After two more shutouts, the Bullets defeated F&M in the finals of the Middle Atlantic Conference tournament to avenge one loss. A win over Elizabethtown in the finals of the EAIAW Regional avenged a second loss and sent Gettysburg to the AIAW tournament as the top seed. The Bullets then defeated home-standing Hollins before defeating Denison to advance to the semifinals. Gettysburg defeated Chico State in the semis, giving the Wildcats their first loss of the season. A double overtime win over Hartwick gave the Bullets the national championship.

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