Bowdoin 2015


GAA: .73 GpG: 3.73 MoV: 3.00

NCAA Runners-Up

The 2015 Polar Bears raced through the regular season, winning 15 games, including eight by shutout and outscoring their opponents 60-10. Hosts of the NESCAC tournament, the Polar Bears won three consecutive, including beating Middlebury, for the second time that season, in the final. Seeded #1, Bowdoin won a pair of games at home and advanced to the semifinals. A 4-2 win vs Ursinus set up a third match against the Panthers. In the final, Midd got the better of Bowdoin for the first time that year, sending the Polar Bears to their first loss of the season after 21 consecutive wins. Rachel Kennedy was National Player of the Year, and she was joined on the All-American teams by Kim Kahnweiler, Kimmie Ganong, and Mettler Growney.

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