Bowdoin 2007


GAA: .30 GpG: 3.80 MoV: 3.50

NCAA Champions

The 2007 Polar Bears opened the season with eight consecutive shutouts, scoring 28 goals in the run. A goal in the 2-1 win over Tufts moved the run to 29 before the Jumbos broke the streak, but Bowdoin answered with five more shutouts and a run of 33 straight goals before Williams stopped the run in the NESCAC semifinals. The Polar Bears defeated Midd in the NESCAC finals and advanced to the NCAAs as the top seed. Three consecutive shutouts—the team’s 15th, 16th, and 17th—moved Bowdoin into the finals, where they gave up as many goals in that game as they had all season long, but still beat Midd 4-3 for the third time in 2007 to claim the NCAA title. The .30 GAA ranks in the top-ten all-time. Lindsay McNamara was named the Player of the Year and earned All-American honors along with Val Young, Julia King, and Kristen Viega.

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