Bloomsburg 1990


GAA: .38 GpG: 3.54 MoV: 3.16

NCAA Runners-Up

Behind All-Americans Kathy Frick, Gisela Smith and Trudy Horst, the 1990 Huskies burst out of the gates, notching 23 consecutive wins to open the season. They only allowed four goals in the regular season and pitched 14 shutouts before winning the PC tournament by a combined score of 4-1 in the two games. In NCAAs, Bloom opened with an 8-1 win over DePauw before a 2-1 victory over ESU to move into the semifinals. A 4-0 triumph over Lock Haven, who the Huskies beat for the PC title, was the 23rd consecutive win and advanced Bloom into the final.

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