Bloomsburg 1988


GAA: .38 GpG: 3.26 MoV: 2.88

NCAA Runners-Up

The 1988 Huskies opened with seven consecutive wins, outscoring their opponents 37-2 with five shutouts. A 1-2 loss to William Smith broke the run, but Bloom answered with a 6-1 win over Drew and an overtime win over Messiah. From there, the Huskies posted 13 shutouts over their next 14 games. They won the PC tournament with a pair of 1-0 wins over ESU and Kutztown. A 7-0 win over Calvin followed by a 2-0 win over Leb Val moved Bloom into the semifinals, where they needed a double overtime, 1-0 win over Cortland to move back into the final. A loss to Trenton State in the final ended the season, but Daneen Fero was named the National Player of the Year; she and Alicia Terrizzi were named All-Americans.

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