Bloomsburg 1987


GAA: .44 GpG: 3.00 MoV: 2.56

NCAA Champions

The 1987 Huskies opened the season with a five-game streak in which they outscored opponents 21-1 before an overtime win over William Smith broke the momentum. They came right back with 12 consecutive wins with an aggregate score of 34-3. Nine were by shutout, including a run of four straight. Bucknell stopped the run with a 2-1 win to close out the regular season, but wins over Ship and The Rock gave the Huskies the PC title and the top seed in the tournament. In NCAAs, Bloom beat Ohio Wesleyan and then The Rock for a third time that season to advance to the semis. A pair of shutouts, first over Southern Maine and then over William Smith, gave the Huskies the title. Cindy Daeche and Sharon Reilly earned All-American honors.

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