West Chester 2011


GAA: 1.88 GPG: 3.07 MoV: 1.19

NCAA Champions

The 2011 Golden Rams celebrated their return to Division II with a national championship. After a win against Bentley to open the season, WCUPA played the #1 team in the country in back-to-back games, beating UMass-Lowell before falling to Bloomsburg. The Golden Rams won six straight games and then fell to Ship. An overtime win over Kutztown was followed by another loss to Bloom. WCUPA won its next five games and then lost to C. W. Post in the PSAC tournament, but earned an NCAA bid. The Golden Rams upset #2 Shippensburg on the road, and then defeated #1 Bloomsburg before beating UMass-Lowell to claim their first NCAA title since 1978.

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