Shippensburg 2009


GAA: .85 GPG: 3.72 MoV: 2.87

NCAA Semifinals

The 2009 Lady Raiders opened up the season with a 4-game shutout streak, including a win over NCAA participant East Stroudsburg, outscoring their opponents 22-0. Seven more wins followed until a loss to Bloom broke the run, but Ship answered right back with a three-game shutout streak. A 3-1 win over ESU broke the shutout run, but the wins continued to close out the regular season to enter the PSAC tournament at 18-1. A loss to Bloomsburg at home sent the Raiders to the NCAA tournament first round where Ship beat ESU to advance to the semifinals. A loss in the semifinals ended the season for Ship. Amanda Houser, Kristina Taylor, Kim Tully, Jamie Doughty, Ashley Taylor, Lois Kaschenbach and Mariah Wooters earned All-American honors.

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