St. Anselm 2019


GAA: .26 GPG: 2.93 MoV: 2.67

NCAA Runners-Up

The 2019 Hawks had an incredible run to start the season, notching nine consecutive shutouts – a streak of 559:14 that included the entire month of September. Another three-game shutout was followed by a 1-0 loss, before another run of eight shutouts – a run of 490:18 -- brought Saint Anselm to the title game for the first time in school history. The Hawks pitched a national record 20 shutouts on the season; in fact, the only games they lost were ones in which their opponent scored. Both All-American Julia Hand and the team set season records nationally for GAA; Anna Drakeley, Kaeleigh Lord and Hannah Friend all also earned All-American honors.

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