Bloomsburg 2008


GAA: .83 GPG: 6.71 MOV: 5.88

NCAA Champions

The 2008 Huskies set a national record with 161 goals, breaking their own offensive output from the year before. National Player of the Year Jamie Vanartsdalen led Bloom again in all scoring categories. The team started with an eight-game streak, winning by an average margin of 7.75-.38. A loss on the road to Ship would be the last time Bloom was on the losing side of the match, outscoring their opponents 97-14 over the last 15 wins, to give the team an offensive output of 6.71 per game, which is still over a goal higher than the second-highest ranking season. Bloom defeated Ship in the PSAC and NCAA semis by a combined score of 10-4; the six goals against UMass-Lowell in the finals, held at Bloomsburg, are still the highest total in a final game. Vanartsdalen, Due, Miller, Maggey Bloskey, Samantha Kropa and Vanessa Witman all earned All-American honors.

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