West Chester 1975


GAA: .50 GPG: 2.50 MoV: 2.00

AIAW Champions

The 1975 Golden Rams opened with two shutouts in their first three games and then racked up three 1-1 ties over their next four games, including a 1-1 tilt with Ursinus, to stand 4-0-3, having allowed only five goals to that point. From there, West Chester had four straight shutouts and six over the next seven games, allowing only one goal, to win the EAIAW tournament and enter the first collegiate national championship as the top seed. Led by Pat Stauffer and Jane Glass, Golden Rams outscored their opponents 14-2 to advance to the finals against Ursinus, who they had defeated 2-0 in the EAIAW finals two weeks prior. The two teams battled to another 1-1 tie, but West Chester edged the Bears 4-3 in strokes for the title.

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