UNC 2019


GAA: 1.04 GPG: 3.99 MOV: 2.95

NCAA Champions

The 2019 Tar Heels blitzed through the regular season, posting six shutouts in their opening 16 games in which they outscored opponents 65-15. An overtime win over St. Joseph’s was the only time the Heels went past regulation with any team all year long and moved UNC into the ACC tournament, which they won with a pair of 3-1 games. They entered NCAAs with a 19-0 record that included nine games against tournament-bound teams as UNC again faced the nation’s toughest schedule while producing the nation’s top offense and margin of victory. Led by USA veteran Erin Matson and senior Yentl Leemans, the 2019 Tar Heels were the first team to post four undefeated seasons at the Division I level as they went 23-0 for a second consecutive year, stretching their streak to 46 games.

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