UNC 2011


GAA: .96 GPG: 3.92 MoV: 2.96

NCAA Runners-Up

The 2011 Tar Heels opened the season with four shutouts in their first five games. A loss to ODU halted the run, but UNC answered with a pair of wins before forging a six-game shutout streak that lasted 516:44. Five more wins brought the end of the regular season with a record of 18-1. Two 2-1 wins in the ACC tournament sent the Heels into the NCAA tournament as the top seed in the NCAA tournament. In the semifinals, the Tar Heels were down 3-0 with 3:40 to play before staging largest comeback in tournament history, beating UConn 4-3 in double overtime before losing to Maryland in overtime in the final. UNC was led by Olympian Katelyn Falgowski, who was the National Player of the Year, as well as USA players Kelsey Kolojejchick, Caitlin Van Sickle and Marta Malmberg. The Heels faced the nation’s toughest schedule but won a Division I-best 23 games

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