UNC 2004


GAA: .78 GPG: 3.13 MOV: 2.35

NCAA Second round

The 2004 Tar Heels opened with a 3-2 win over Michigan on the road, and then exploded with a 12-game winning streak that saw UNC post nine shutouts and an aggregate scoreline of 46-5. An overtime loss to Wake Forest, who the Heels had defeated earlier that season in overtime, halted the run. Four more wins closed out the regular season, and in the ACC tournament, UNC beat Wake in the rubber match and then Maryland in the final. Led by All-Americans Rachel Dawson and Kelsey Keeran, the Heels earned the top seed in the NCAA tournament for the first time in seven years after going 20-1. However, UNC fell at home in the NCAA tournament for the first time.

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