Connecticut 2014


GAA: 1.13 GPG: 3.30 MOV: 2.17

NCAA Champions

The 2014 Huskies opened with an overtime win and followed that with three consecutive clean sheets to start at 4-0. A shootout loss to BC halted the run, and then a pair of wins preceded a pair of losses to put UConn at 6-3 after nine games. A pair of shutouts started an eight-game streak that closed out the regular season before two wins in the Big East tournament sent the Huskies to NCAAs. UConn earned the third seed in the NCAA tournament thanks to a 16-3 regular season record that included a 10-game win streak entering the championship and seven wins over NCAA-bound teams. Behind All-Americans Roisin Upton, Chrissy Davidson, Anna Middendorf, and Charlotte Veitner, the Huskies won their regional games by a combined score of 9-2 before putting together a pair of 1-0 victories in the semifinals and finals to win their second consecutive NCAA title.

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