Connecticut 2013


GAA: 1.16 GPG: 3.20 MOV: 2.04

NCAA Champions

The 2013 Huskies opened with two overtime victories in their first three games, and then added seven more victories to improve to 10-0. A loss to BC in overtime stopped the streak. Three UConn victories were followed by three consecutive losses, giving the Huskies a 3-4 record in their last seven games. Two wins to end the regular season righted the ship, and a pair of wins at home in the Big East tournament sent the Huskies off to NCAAs. They were unseeded heading into the tournament after going 17-4 in the regular season, but behind Honda honoree Maria Elena Bolles and fellow All-Americans Chloe Hunnable, Roisin Upton, Anne Jeute, and Sarah Mansfield, the Huskies won four straight games to win the NCAA title.

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