San Jose State 1978


GAA: .35 GPG: 3.95 MOV: 3.60

AIAW Third place

The 1978 Spartans opened with three shutouts before Long Beach scored in a 3-1 victory for San Jose State. Undeterred, the Spartans ran off eight consecutive shutouts, a streak of over 600 minutes—a run that is still in the top-10 all-time. Cal’s goal in the second half of a 3-1 victory for SJSU stopped the run and put the Spartans at 13-0 for the regular season. Over that 13-game regular season, the Spartans had outscored their opponents 65-2. In the regional tournament, the 2-1 win over Stanford marked the only time all season that the Spartans gave up goals in consecutive games. A 1-0 win over Cal was followed by a 4-3 victory over Long Beach in the finals -- and the Spartans gave up as many goals in that game as they had all season long. From there, SJSU advanced to the AIAW national championships as the #2 team in the nation and the only one without a blemish on its record. After advancing to the semifinals with a pair of shutouts, the Spartans lost their first and only game of the season, 1-0, to eventual champion West Chester. SJSU came back to defeat UMass 2-0, giving the Spartans 15 shutouts in 20 games and an aggregate scoreline of 79-7.

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