Providence 1987


GAA: .68 GPG: 2.59 MOV: 2.21

NCAA 2nd round

The 1987 Friars opened with a shutout and announced their presence in the next game with a double-overtime tie against UConn. The undefeated streak continued with 13 consecutive wins, including six more by shutout. A pair of ties slowed the run, but the Friars remained undefeated. Over the remaining four games of the regular season, Providence had three clean sheets. The Friars did not lose in the regular season and were the only team to enter the tournament without a loss. Goalkeeper Sandra O’Gorman set still-standing school records for shutouts (11), and the Friars allowed only 11 goals prior to the NCAA tournament, a miniscule .52 GAA. Behind first-team All-American Cheryl Adams, Carole Anne Byrne, Karen Krawchuk and Cami White, the Friars scored 56 goals en route to the first-round bye.

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