Maryland 2013


GAA: 1.24 GPG: 4.18 MOV: 2.94

NCAA Semifinals

The 2013 Terrapins opened with a run of seven straight victories in which they had a margin of victory of three or more; a 2-0 shutout of Michigan stopped that streak but the winning streak moved to 15 before a 3-2 loss to ODU. Three more wins closed out the regular season, culminating with a 5-1 win at Duke. The Terps beat Duke in overtime in the ACC finals and then earned a second victory over UNC that season with a win in the finals. Maryland, who won 20 games in the regular season that included 14 wins over tournament-bound teams, was the top seed in the tournament. A pair of wins at home advanced the Terps to the semifinals, were they lost to Duke in the third meeting of the two teams in 2013. Led by future USA players Jill Witmer and Ali McEvoy as well as fellow All-Americans Natalie Hunter, Sarah Sprink, Maxine Fluharty and Katie Gerzabek, the Terps led the nation in margin of victory, averaging just under three goals a game.

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