Duke 2016


GAA: 1.50 GPG: 3.35 MOV: 1.85

NCAA Second round

The 2016 Blue Devils opened with an eight-game run, outscoring opponents 31-10. A loss at UNC halted that streak, and Duke won two more games before falling at Syracuse. The Blue Devils won five more games to close out the regular season, including a 3-0 win over UNC. A loss to UNC in the ACC tournament did not hurt Duke too much, as they entered the NCAA tournament as the top seed, posting a 15-3 record against the toughest schedule in the nation. Six of those wins came against NCAA-bound teams, including a win over #2 seed Maryland. They lost to Delaware in overtime in the quarterfinals at home. Duke won the ACC regular season behind All-Americans Alyssa Chillano and Heather Morris.

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