Syracuse 2015


GAA: .84 GPG: 3.17 MOV: 2.33

NCAA Champions

The 2015 Syracuse team opened the season with an overtime win and then rattled off 14 more in a row, eight by a margin of three or more, before closing out the regular season with an overtime win over Duke to put the Orange at 16-0. An overtime win over UVa made it 17 in a row that included 10 wins over NCAA-bound teams. UNC broke the winning streak with an overtime win in the ACC final, but the ACC regular season champions went 6-0 in league play and were named the top seed in the NCAA tournament. Behind first-team All-Americans Alyssa Manley, Emma Russell and Laura Hurff, the Orange advanced to the NCAA final where they defeated UNC in the third match between the two schools that season and avenged their only loss of the season.

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