Virtual All-Time Hockey Brackets

Every year since 1975 when the AIAW and USA Field Hockey joined forces to sponsor a national championship, the colleges have crowned a national champion. From 1975-1978 there was just one tournament; in 1979 the AIAW and USAFH split the tournament into three divisions. In fact, in 1981 there were seven national champions as not only did the AIAW and the NCAA both sponsor a tournament, but so too did the NJCAA.

As we look ahead to a very different 2020 hockey season, we wanted to reflect on how we arrived here and celebrate the 45 years of national championships we have enjoyed as a field hockey community. Join us as we look back at over 200 teams in intercollegiate history, honoring the student-athletes and coaches as we have a virtual competition to determine the fans' choice for the best team in intercollegiate history during the national championship era, from 1975-2019.

Please look at some of the top teams in history, spanning all three divisions as we celebrate this amazing sport.

Division I bracket
Division II bracket
Division III bracket

Each bracket features vignettes on all of the teams honored, giving fans a chance to reflect on the season and then cast their vote. Voting for each round will be open for a week, giving fans the chance to share their thoughts via social media. We hope that members of teams will post their own memories as well as reconnect with teammates.

Voting opens January 2, 2021!

While we did not recognize any teams from the NJCAA, their history should also be celebrated. Included are the brackets for all of the NJCAA national tournaments, which ran from 1975-1996. Research is still being done in this division.
NJCAA brackets