ur-leica ur-leica leica-o leica-i leica-compur leica-compur leica-iid leica-250 leica-iiic leica-iiid leica-ic-1949 leica-m3 leica-m2 leica-md leicaflex leica-m4 leica-m5 leica-cl leica-r3

Use your finger or mouse to slide across the time-line, and touch or click on a camera to learn more about it. Camera information retrieved from the Leica Pocket Book, 2nd Edition.

The cameras on display only represent a fraction of the most complete privately assembled collection of Leica cameras in the country, and one of the largest in the world.

Charles M. Messer started collecting Leica cameras in the 1950s and amassed one of the world’s most complete collections. He donated the entire collection to Miami University in 1970, with additions in 1978.

This interactive was created by Courtney Freeland, Miami University Art Museum intern, class of 2016.

Miami University Art Museum, 2015. All photos taken by Scott Kissel.